Pride 2020 Interview: Remy Duran

This exclusive interview is the second of two interviews brought to you by OMG.Blog x MyQueerFans for Pride 2020. We asked Remy Duran and Brandon Davis to interview each other. Find Remy’s full interview with Brandon here.

Remy Duran has been named both “Renowned Top” and “Flamboyant Kinky Troublemaker” after rising in the ranks of New York City’s notorious nightlife scene. He first appeared on MTV’s “Are You the One?” in 2019 and has since started a steamy OnlyFans during COVID-19 lockdown. Fellow AYTO co-star Brandon Davis interviews Remy about celebrating Pride around the world, Latino solidarity in the Black Lives Matter movement and if he has any regrets about starting an X-rated OnlyFans.

Brandon Davis: What are your thoughts on Pride? Do you think the meaning and purpose of Pride has changed over the years as it has become more accepted in society? 

Remy Duran: Pride is actually my favorite time of the year. I’ve been to a few different Prides all over the world too, Berlin pride is pretty great but there really just isn’t anything like NYC pride, where it all started. I think it still means the same but it’s definitely evolved to being something more mainstream.

BD: Being Latino, What has BLM made you realize about injustices in your personal life/culture. Do you think other cultures may feel left out who also face the same or similar injustices in America?

RD: Growing up Latino in NYC, all my friends were either Black or Latino so I’ve always had an understanding of how the cops treated Black and Brown people differently. But I think it’s important that especially right now, other cultures and races stand up for our Black siblings (especially Black LGBT) in the struggle right now against injustices.

BD: During this pandemic, what were you doing for work? What Inspired you to start an OnlyFans (other than me 😉)?

RD: During the pandemic, I wasn’t doing aannyything lol I was SHOOK as to what I was gunna do for money. Bro, I had no idea because nightlife essentially became obsolete lol. But my girlfriend started her [OnlyFans] and convinced me to start mine a few weeks after and BOOM! That was my new job! Now I just have to look as sexy as you do naked and I’ll be set haha

BD: After starting your OnlyFans did you have any regrets? What has been your experience thus far? 

RD: I regret definitely just jumping into it without asking what people wanted and expected from me. I wish I had paced myself more or kind of prepared more full length content for people. I thought my same old stuff would work but I could have researched more what other successful OnlyFans people had.

BD: After starting your OnlyFans, how have your friends and family reacted?

RD: Honestly, all of them were like yeah about time you dickhead finally! Lmao no joke.

BD: If you could go back in time and give your 13-year-old self advice from your personal life experiences, what would you say?

RD: I’d tell myself to start everything earlier. To not wait and to hone your craft and your body and talents as early as possible cuz it will pay off later.

BD: With the LGBTQ community always fighting and preaching for equality, how do you think we can fix prejudice amongst ourselves in the community (ie. in terms of race, fat, bears, fems, old, young, twink, jock, no black guys, no white guys, etc.)?

RD: I think there will always be prejudices or “preferences” in every community everywhere and I wish I had to the answer to why people have them or how we can stop them. But I think a way to start with dealing with it is having people stop putting down other people who aren’t necessarily their type or that they aren’t interested in. You don’t have to go around being so loud and vocal about what you aren’t into. And definitely don’t go around only uplifting one certain type of looking person. Who you decide to bring into your bedroom is your choice, but you should celebrate the beauty of every kind of person. 

BD: Post MTV, how has life been?

RD: Lmao post MTV life has been a blessing and a curse. It’s been great because I’ve met some really cool people and have been exposed to so much fun stuff. But I really don’t like all the people in my private life and how public that’s become. That part is very, ummm frustrating lol.

BD: What would you change about your “Are You the One?” experience?

RD: If I could redo THAT show I would have absolutely spent my time just with you, Aasha, Jasmine, Kylie and Amber. I definitely should have known Amber was my perfect match from the JUMP! And listened to the truth booth lol.

BD: What are the two biggest turn-ons and turns-offs you have for a guy/girl?

RD: Biggest turn offs is someone who puts their business on social media and someone who just hasn’t lived a lot of life. Biggest turn ons are someone who is adventurous and someone who is confident in themselves and knows who they are and is independent!!!

Find more Remy Duran on:
OnlyFans @remdelarem
Twitter @remdelarem
NSFW Twitter @remdeladick
Instagram @remdelarem

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