Pride 2020 Interview: Brandon Davis

This exclusive interview is the first of two interviews brought to you by OMG.Blog x MyQueerFans for Pride 2020. We asked Remy Duran and Brandon Davis to interview each other. Stay tuned for Remy’s full interview tomorrow!

Former college football player Brandon Davis, appeared on MTV’s popular show “Are You the One?” and has been developing a sizeable OnlyFans following since then. In this interview, AYTO co-star Remy Duran asks Brandon about the changing meaning of Pride, his experiences as a Black man in the gay community and what his biggest pet peeves are during sex. Read on for all the sexy details!

Remy Duran: How has celebrating Pride changed for you over the years? 

Brandon Davis: Well, for me Pride isn’t just a month-long event. After years of hiding who I truly was, I am prideful everyday now. It seems that pride nowadays is more about the parties and connecting with all the hottest gays around the globe and taking photos and videos for social media. Don’t get me wrong, all of the above is fun though I just feel like it’s not as “Prideful” as it used to be. Regardless, celebrating is always a good time though. 

RD: Do you feel accepted as a Black man in mainstream gay Pride and if not, have you found a place where you do feel more accepted?

BD: Yes and no. I feel like in the gay community I happen to get looked at more as a fetish than anything else. I notice my conversations gravitate more towards my appearance. Which is okay because I work hard to look my best and compliments on my results are always welcomed. Though, I do feel like an outcast sometimes in the gay culture because personally amongst the Black community I seem to act too “white” and around the white gays I’m not really favored or I am just a fetish. So it’s really interesting maneuvering and trying to find genuine connections. Fortunately, I have found some amazing people to call friends since coming out where I don’t have to worry about my skin color or my physical appearance.

RD: Has starting an OnlyFans changed the way you see sex work?

BD: Absolutely!! There is a market for everyone to succeed and I’ve always been a fan of people who do sex work. I do feel like it takes a certain type of confidence and mindset to do so. But if you do it make sure you are ALL IN. Starting an OnlyFans has opened my eyes and given me an opportunity to live a life where I no longer have to worry about finances or if I can afford something or not. OnlyFans has been amazing to me. 

RD: Have other people seen you differently and do their thoughts matter?

BD: Yes, I have lost some respect from some people and when people find out I do OnlyFans they usually criticize me and run away lol. Some ask how much I make then I tell them and they get surprised. Some say that I’m too good for that. Fortunately, I am strong and confident enough to understand that, “If you don’t have what I want, or you’re not in a position I want to be in” I am not listening to your advice or what you have to say, period. I am happy and have found a way to live a life with security and funds to do what it is that I love. So their opinions get left at the door.

RD: Do you think you could date someone who isn’t a sex worker now? 

BD: Absolutely, If someone is on a path to becoming a better, more secure version of themselves, I’m all about it. How ever you move forward is up to you, I don’t judge. as long as it’s legal. I’m attracted to hustlers, so lets get money together and build an amazing life. 

RD: If you could go back and come out earlier would you?

BD: Hell yeah, literally the day I came out my eyes opened up. It would’ve been hard coming out earlier due to sports. But I feel like if I did come out earlier, I would have excelled further in college sports because being in the closet was on my mind 24/7 and it held me back due to the anxiety of being outed or exposed.

RD: How do you see your OnlyFans content evolving and would you do more X-rated scenes with guys and women?

BD: My content will ONLY get better and better! I am still transitioning into the thought of doing XXX scenes but I am definitely open to it, because after all, it’s what my fans want haha. I am actually moving to Atlanta and plan on doing a lot of traveling so I can meet other creators and collaborate more so my fans can see some fresh new faces. I plan on having both men and women featured on my OnlyFans in the future. 

RD: Do you regret going on TV?

BD: Absolutely NOT, My experience on tv was amazing. I just wish I would’ve opened up sooner. My experience made me comfortable realizing “I am who I am, and people will love me even if I’m not out there, crazy and loud.” Being the cute, quiet guy is actually a major vibe.

RD: What would you change about your “Are You the One?” experience?

BD: Only thing I would change about my AYTO experience would be opening up to more people. I felt like I may have been a bit too mature for the cast but I still feel like I should’ve given more people a chance to actually get to know me. I felt like no one really knew me on the show because no one ever asked me questions – it was always the opposite lol. Maybe I just wasn’t any of their types, which is also fine. Can’t please everyone. 

RD: Name your biggest pet peeves during sex and 2 things that are a MUST (besides kissing).

BD: My biggest pet peeve with sex has to be when my mate is good with foreplay. I hate just diving into it full force – I love a good build up, it makes it more intense and sensual.  I also can’t stand terrible sex talk. There has been a few times during the act when they were trying to be sexy and talk nasty but it was NOT IT. And each time I got up put my clothes on and called my Uber lol… Only happened twice btw haha.

Two must haves are, being open. I hate routine sex – it’s so boring. Also, they have to know how to use their hips. I hate when my mates just lay there and expect me to do everything. Once again, I will kindly get up and call my Uber home.

Find Brandon Davis on:
OnlyFans @brandoswol
Twitter @BrandonDavisXL
NSFW Twitter @brandoswol
Instagram @officialbrandondavis

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